Over the years we've supported development of a large number of mobile games and applications. Please find more information about them below. If you want our help to develop your application or game please get in touch.

The Impossible Line (Mi)

Lead Programmer, Producer, Designer - iOS, Android

Achieving over 2.5 million downloads so far, The Impossible Line has reached overall number 1 in 3 countries (including the UK) on the App Store. It's reached number 2 in a further 2 countries including the US.

Darts Night (Moshen)

Lead Programmer - iOS

Darts Night reached number 1 in the UK charts achieving over 1 million downloads.

Michael Johnson's Fun Run (Moshen)

Programmer, Producer - iOS

River Adventures (Moshen)

Programmer, Producer - iOS

Pop Bubble Pop (Moshen)

Programmer, Producer - iOS

Pop Bubble Pop is a simple game designed for children, with added appeal for adults.

The Pollinator (Mi)

Lead Programmer, Designer - iOS

Cave Diver (Mi)

Lead Programmer, Designer - iOS, Android

Santa Saves Christmas (Mi)

Lead Programmer - iOS, Android

Gambino Poker on Facebook (Moshen)

Backend System Architect, Lead Flash Programmer - Facebook

Premier League Fantasy Football (Moshen)

Windows Mobile Lead Programmer - Windows Mobile

Blur (Bizarre Creations)

Tools/Pipeline Programmer